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Rating: 5.0

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Solicitor?
Had applied for a spouse visa for the Mrs. Had prepared all the paperwork meticulously myself without a solicitor, and thought being a Healthcare professional on 60k a year would mean no problem. Visa was denied, and I called a few solicitors to look at appealing the decision.

How did Nargis Awan help you?
Nargis Awan was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable over the phone, asked all the relevant questions and explained what steps would be taken, and what documents were required. There was quite an extensive list which she helped prepare. We submitted the appeal by post and by fax (I remember Nargis faxing over a 200+ page file to the home office page by page!). She exerted maximum pressure on the Home office, using different avenues and legal arguments. She also helped me complain to my local MP, and kept pressuring the Entry clearance officer to overturn the decision. While it was rare for the ECO’s to overturn decisions post new rules coming into force august 2013, my refusal was overturned 5 months into the appeal (which was quick considering if I had to go through the courts it would have taken a year or more).

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
As soon as my wife’s visa came through I booked her flight within 3 days and we are now together, after all that painful waiting not knowing how long it was going to take.

What could they have done better?
Nargis looked at my case in every little detail, things I would think minor, and exerted the maximum pressure on the Home office, ECO, and my local MP. I remember when I was originally looking around for which solicitors to use, one I spoke to who was charging half the fees as Nargis, but told me the only option I had was to claim human rights. I just wonder what quagmire I would have been in if I decided to use him! I am currently applying for a new spouse extension visa at the 2.5 year mark through Nargis.

Ally, Buckinghamshire

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